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Rixstine Design Studio


Ideas Brought To Life

We have the ability to print any quantity screen printed orders. We have two automatic screen printing presses. One that can print six colors and one that prints 9 colors. This gives us the ability to do large orders or multiple orders at the same time.

Since we use a wide variety of inks, we're able to print on a diverse range of substrates.

        We use:

  • Solvent-based ink we can print on metal, wood or plastic 

  • Water-based ink to print on items such as towels to keep the harshness of the chemicals away from the user

  • Regular inks to print on t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts


Whatever the material, we will find a way to meet your needs!


What to Expect

$20 Set-up per screen (color)

$50.00 per hour artwork charge, if necessary

Production Time: 2 weeks 

Order Minimum: None

Pricing determined by item, quantity, and design

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